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Using his proprietary trading system, Thierry Martin identifies a stock which he believes will trade higher within the next few days. Using his proprietary trading system, Thierry Martin identifies a stock which he believes will trade higher within the next few weeks. Subscribe here to start benefiting from our advisory service today, and gain the edge that will allow you to make more informed decisions in your trading and investing.

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Message from Fiasco Trade of the Day stock picker Thierry Martin

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Dear Fellow Trader and Investor,

If you are having trouble making sensible decisions about your stock trading, you are not alone. One of the most difficult hurdles to trading successfully is deciding which stock to buy and then "pulling the trigger." Sure, you can do it all yourself, if you have the time and the experience. But if you are like many traders, you don't devote your full attention to the stock market every day, and you may have a real need for help.

While the markets make their up and down moves, some stocks are always climbing to new highs. My job, at Fiasco Trade of the Day, is to identify these stocks for you.

If you have the time to do this yourself, you don't need me, and I wish you the best of luck. But if you want to see where my full-time attention to the markets and daily scan of thousands of stocks lead me, you should try out the Fiasco Trade of the Day Newsletter. You will have a huge advantage over those who rely on free chat rooms, bulletin boards or shady, anonymous web sites for hot stock tips. I carefully screen thousands of stocks every day to identify one which I believe has the greatest potential for hitting my target sell price.

There is no question that the stock market can be brutal, which makes it even more important to choose the right stocks to buy. During a bull market, everyone is a genius for buying and then forgetting about it; during a bear market, you have to use different techniques to profit. By providing a reasonable price target to sell at the time of each pick, I make it easy for you to set a reasonable target, so that greediness does not interfere with your ability to take your profits off the table before they evaporate into thin air.

Have you ever noticed that most stock advisories change their mind constantly
while bombarding you with useless and confusing information? On Monday, the market is going up. On Tuesday, we are re-testing the lows. Can you imagine the results you would get if you could tune out this nonsense and just concentrate on the stocks that are expected to be profitable, based on a clear and tested method, with specific sell targets?

If you already have your own system for picking winners, and want to leverage the advantage your already have, use my picks in combination with your own screens to filter out even more noise and end up with picks of the picks. I sincerely hope that you can contribute just as much as I do to the stock-picking process. Two minds are better than one!

The Fiasco Trade of the Day Newsletter performance record of all the picks can be viewed o
n the Results Page. The results speak for themselves. Unlike most stock-picking services, I publish every stock pick, including the ones that never hit their targets, and let you decide if the performance history is worthy of your respect. I don't need to make any wild claims, because I am not trying to find "ten-baggers" or stocks taking off to the moon. I believe long-term success is achieved by consistently making winning trades, cutting the losers loose, and repeating the winning formula over and over again.

When you use the Fiasco Trade of the Day Newsletter, you will not see any fancy mumbo-jumbo, weird charts, bizarre networks of informants, strange rating systems, or confusing, nonsensical and unreliable commentary about which direction the market is going. I keep it perfectly simple: every day a stock is identified which has met my criteria for out-performance and that I believe is going to trade higher.

Fiasco Trade of the Day has only one goal: to identify the stocks that are going up! I use a simple, highly disciplined screening method and analyze thousands of stocks every day, utilizing my proprietary trading system. Then I share the results with you.

The Fiasco Trade of the Day Newsletter subscription includes:

I hope you give my newsletter a try and see for yourself how much it can add to your trading and investing tool-chest. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by contacting me.

Best wishes,

Thierry Martin
Fiasco Trade of the Day

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